The Exodus Difference: Quality, Savings, and Passion

At Exodus Construction, our goal is to go above and beyond for our customers.  That being said, we include our experienced design services as the part of any package created. You can go to a contractor that does no design as part of the process and they will usually have clients do one of two things; shop themselves and have it on site for installation, or hire an interior designer to work with you on that portion and they will then communicate with your designer to be sure your choices in finishes are installed.  We have an in house executive who specializes in interior design as well as kitchen and bath design. We take the time to go shopping with clients to discover what they actually like and keep them focused on their job as it is so easy to go shopping at a warehouse supplier or showroom and be overwhelmed and not end up with cohesive design elements.  We also provide our clients with samples, within budget, for them to choose from should they be unavailable to shop with our designer in person. She then will guide and help them make focused, cohesive decisions based on the style they desire.

Our team takes the time to get to know the customer, and the style of the room they are looking to design, by visiting their space and spending time with them.  This helps us to determine if it is a functionality or design need causing them to want to remodel their home.  When we learn more about our customer’s lives we can better determine and recommend different options that would add value to their lifestyle.  We also look at the recently updated rooms to see what styles and color schemes they are going for.

Most contractors give about 4 choices, pay a designer to consult for them, or send clients to those huge home improvement stores on their own.  At Exodus, we are with you the every step of the way and won’t settle for anything less than your dream space.  Another plus is that we have built a reputation with many suppliers and we can help to get your materials at same or better quality for a lower rate than any other contractor.

The design aspect of our services is not just an add on, it is a passion of ours and we truly love it.  With each job the client receives a unique experience and finished product that caters to their needs and desires.  We are transparent about our pricing so the client can see where their money is being spent and see the value of what we are bringing to life.

Our entire client base would agree that they get more bang for their buck which is why we get so many repeat customers.

All savings are passed onto the client by way of spreadsheet that details cost and materials so they can easily review it and make a sound, solid decision on the steps they would like to take.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a quality final product for a budget that works for our client’s wallet.

What room in your home would you absolutely love to remodel or add on to?